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299e479Hello Guys, I have been out for the blogging for a long time since to let you know that this blog is alive and I will have much Interesting posts But for the time, I will show you a funny Letter which I sent to my boss on the day I resigned from the job.
It was a funny letter to cheer him up before I send him actual resignation.

Dear Boss

I know that there is lot of money there when I work long hours. But It is hard to believe for you that I am a human bieng. I Laugh on Jokes, I Cry on watching somebody cry for a reason, I sometimes take rest, Like to eat or have a cup of coffee or two with extra beans.
I fell in love sometimes with the beautiful girl who is consistently getting bored just the way I am in these long office hours.
I dream, i believe, I like to take leave sometime just because my parents are missing me.

So If all that bothers you, I would like to live my life as I want.
In my life nobody rules. Except the ones who loves me by heart.
Thanks and Happy Hiring
Sr. SEO Manager
Bla bla bla…


Lol and he let me go with a farewell. Because he knows that I was only joking but not joking enough to resign.