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299e479Hello Guys, I have been out for the blogging for a long time since to let you know that this blog is alive and I will have much Interesting posts But for the time, I will show you a funny Letter which I sent to my boss on the day I resigned from the job.
It was a funny letter to cheer him up before I send him actual resignation.

Dear Boss

I know that there is lot of money there when I work long hours. But It is hard to believe for you that I am a human bieng. I Laugh on Jokes, I Cry on watching somebody cry for a reason, I sometimes take rest, Like to eat or have a cup of coffee or two with extra beans.
I fell in love sometimes with the beautiful girl who is consistently getting bored just the way I am in these long office hours.
I dream, i believe, I like to take leave sometime just because my parents are missing me.

So If all that bothers you, I would like to live my life as I want.
In my life nobody rules. Except the ones who loves me by heart.
Thanks and Happy Hiring
Sr. SEO Manager
Bla bla bla…


Lol and he let me go with a farewell. Because he knows that I was only joking but not joking enough to resign.


Top social bookmarking list

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Social Bookmarking List

We have come up with top social bookmarking list for your submission. As social bookmarking is much in demand and people are getting much pagerank juice from these kind of sites,  I have come up with more social bookmarking list

Top social bookmarking list, bookmarking list for submission, high pr social bookmarking list

For top social bookmarking list. Click Here

looking for freelance work?

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Looking for serious candidates who want to work in freelancing

Looking for freelancers

Hello Guys, I am looking for freelancers to work with me in a virtual team hands in hand. The positions for which I am Looking are

  • 10 PPC Experts.
  • 4 Content Writers
  • 4 SEO

Work at home online, looking for freelancers SEO, PPC, Content writing, various positions available for interested candidates,

Interested candidates Drop me a mail on with updated Bio data.

Or you can add me on skype : pankajj_seo

This job is serious and I am willing to pay .

Best of Luck.

Whenever we have got a new domain or we have to  boost up our sales in market these few questions always arise in mind and this is one of the top questions that needs to be answered properly.

How fast you are to index and bring results faster for a website?

My Explanation :

SEO is not a magic, it is just optimization of site so that the spiders can visit more frequently on the site and index and reindex site properly. Few  of the 200 factors google takes into consideration while ranking the website which SEOs already knows, they are

Competition :

Competition is the one of the main factors while ranking your site. If you have huge competition, say a keyword “software development company”, There are lot of software development companies out there and this keyword may take months even years to get ranked in google.

SEO Solution : Properly do On-page.

A SEO can do in this perspective is he increase the relevancy of the keyword around the page and around the website so that it can be best to rank while competitors are there to hunt you down.

Freshness, Uniqueness and Relevancy :

Nothing can beat freshness, uniqueness and relevancy when the content is new, Informative and likely to be indexed by search engines. It is the indication to the google that the pages are fresh enough to come back again and see if it has new fresh content again. This means, Re-indexing of site again and again, which may eventually turn back to better positions.

SEO Solution : Keep Things in motion.

Posting on the blogs consistently and bringing out new topics and conversations to redirect to the blogs which not only provides solutions but are Fresh, relevant as per google or other search engine’s perspective.

Localization or Globalization :

It is a matter of fact that people optimize their sites on global platform where they forget that localization can increase their visitors and also increase their fans.

SEO Solution : Brand your image.

Bringing out Branded image so that more and more unique visitors comes from different medias such as Facebook, Pinterest, google plus etc. and if that can happen locally, more chances of getting it viral on a global platform.

Keyword Prominence :

Now it is kind of weird that Google is one of the major search engine who wants SEOs to never manipulate it’s search results. “Cheap shoes online” is the example of keyword which comes in mind for a shoe store who wants to sell it. It is a kind of difficult situation and even having keyword prominence for this keyword can lead to bad SEO results because competition is way too high.

SEO Solution : Be more specific. Try to put more descriptive keywords for a particular item, for example, if the shoes have buckles then add these keywords : “Cheap shoes online with buckles” or “Black cheap shoes online with buckles”, This not only increase the prominence for the keywords, but also increase the sales because more specific keywords leads to better chances of conversion (Kind of universal truth)

So my dear friends, If you take care of these things, there is no way google is not going to look after your search results and you might get a better chance of indexing your website and re-indexing if you follow these above steps.



Today I found one of my team member to stuck just on On-page stuff Because he was not able to find our relevant keywords for the particular client. So I need to tell you that what should be done if you are stuck with these kind of things in particular. stuck with keyword research

Whenever we stuck on finding relevant keywords which have high search volume we go on searching for that particular keyword day and night. This has been a problem with lot of clients right now that they focus on search volume for a particular keyword. But From my point of view that is not correct. What we do seo for? Is it for finding relevant audience that can gather you leads or is it for getting high traffic for showing up it is the best and most traffic getting keyword in the niche.

We got stuck in the conditions where that is difficult for some client to show up keyword volume but that can eventually won’t be enough to generate leads. This is the problem that need to be solved.

For example let it be the case of a software development company who is targeting audience :

First Keyword Which is short-tail keyword:  Software Company (Less chances of showing up in search results due to High Competition)

Second Keyword again short-tail keyword : Web company (Not descriptive, High competition keyword, you can only dream of getting it on first page of google)

Third Keyword which is a Long tail keyword: Software and web development company NY (Long-tale, Targeted, Better chances of coming in search results with low competition and can result in Generation of leads)

What are long tail keywords  and how they are considered to be a part of better SEO?

This can be taken into account when finding long tail keywords for your projects:

  • Long tail keywords should be targeted for a particular set of audience.
  • Long tail keywords should be highly descriptive and relevant to the page.
  • Long tail keywords should provide better chances of  target audience and client’s suggestions.
  • Long tail keywords must be generic and simple.

Keeping the article short and slim,  Long-tail keywords are best suited as per the audience and SEO need and you need to follow that strategy if the demand of the website is Lead-generation. Use them in your titles, page content and descriptions and sooner you will be getting leads and you will be on right track.

Whenever we try to put further our knowledge with wisdom, we always lag in case of SEO. This is not because we have lesser knowledge but this is due to the frequent updates by Google which changes and we have to start with a new mindset.

Consider a case, Your boss asking for results and Keyword ranking report at the end of month. The problem is that in the past, it was easy to get your keyword Rank because Link building was an easy task.

“Nowadays it has become more demanding and writing unique content is 80 percent slower than previous day before panda updates.”

Now your boss says that previous SEO was giving me results on demand and now you are disappointing me with the results. Your reaction at that point. “Speechless” Don’t know how to explain. Yes you can be at trouble or fear of losing Job if that happens and that makes your task even worse. Here is what you can do at that point.


Top 9 infographic sites

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List of info-graphic sites in 2014  With PageRank (Top List) Where you can feature your info-graphic and gather audience.