Indexing website on google fast

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Whenever we have got a new domain or we have to  boost up our sales in market these few questions always arise in mind and this is one of the top questions that needs to be answered properly.

How fast you are to index and bring results faster for a website?

My Explanation :

SEO is not a magic, it is just optimization of site so that the spiders can visit more frequently on the site and index and reindex site properly. Few  of the 200 factors google takes into consideration while ranking the website which SEOs already knows, they are

Competition :

Competition is the one of the main factors while ranking your site. If you have huge competition, say a keyword “software development company”, There are lot of software development companies out there and this keyword may take months even years to get ranked in google.

SEO Solution : Properly do On-page.

A SEO can do in this perspective is he increase the relevancy of the keyword around the page and around the website so that it can be best to rank while competitors are there to hunt you down.

Freshness, Uniqueness and Relevancy :

Nothing can beat freshness, uniqueness and relevancy when the content is new, Informative and likely to be indexed by search engines. It is the indication to the google that the pages are fresh enough to come back again and see if it has new fresh content again. This means, Re-indexing of site again and again, which may eventually turn back to better positions.

SEO Solution : Keep Things in motion.

Posting on the blogs consistently and bringing out new topics and conversations to redirect to the blogs which not only provides solutions but are Fresh, relevant as per google or other search engine’s perspective.

Localization or Globalization :

It is a matter of fact that people optimize their sites on global platform where they forget that localization can increase their visitors and also increase their fans.

SEO Solution : Brand your image.

Bringing out Branded image so that more and more unique visitors comes from different medias such as Facebook, Pinterest, google plus etc. and if that can happen locally, more chances of getting it viral on a global platform.

Keyword Prominence :

Now it is kind of weird that Google is one of the major search engine who wants SEOs to never manipulate it’s search results. “Cheap shoes online” is the example of keyword which comes in mind for a shoe store who wants to sell it. It is a kind of difficult situation and even having keyword prominence for this keyword can lead to bad SEO results because competition is way too high.

SEO Solution : Be more specific. Try to put more descriptive keywords for a particular item, for example, if the shoes have buckles then add these keywords : “Cheap shoes online with buckles” or “Black cheap shoes online with buckles”, This not only increase the prominence for the keywords, but also increase the sales because more specific keywords leads to better chances of conversion (Kind of universal truth)

So my dear friends, If you take care of these things, there is no way google is not going to look after your search results and you might get a better chance of indexing your website and re-indexing if you follow these above steps.




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