Long Tail Keywords Meaning : Targeted Audience or Huge Traffic?

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Today I found one of my team member to stuck just on On-page stuff Because he was not able to find our relevant keywords for the particular client. So I need to tell you that what should be done if you are stuck with these kind of things in particular. stuck with keyword research

Whenever we stuck on finding relevant keywords which have high search volume we go on searching for that particular keyword day and night. This has been a problem with lot of clients right now that they focus on search volume for a particular keyword. But From my point of view that is not correct. What we do seo for? Is it for finding relevant audience that can gather you leads or is it for getting high traffic for showing up it is the best and most traffic getting keyword in the niche.

We got stuck in the conditions where that is difficult for some client to show up keyword volume but that can eventually won’t be enough to generate leads. This is the problem that need to be solved.

For example let it be the case of a software development company who is targeting audience :

First Keyword Which is short-tail keyword:  Software Company (Less chances of showing up in search results due to High Competition)

Second Keyword again short-tail keyword : Web company (Not descriptive, High competition keyword, you can only dream of getting it on first page of google)

Third Keyword which is a Long tail keyword: Software and web development company NY (Long-tale, Targeted, Better chances of coming in search results with low competition and can result in Generation of leads)

What are long tail keywords  and how they are considered to be a part of better SEO?

This can be taken into account when finding long tail keywords for your projects:

  • Long tail keywords should be targeted for a particular set of audience.
  • Long tail keywords should be highly descriptive and relevant to the page.
  • Long tail keywords should provide better chances of  target audience and client’s suggestions.
  • Long tail keywords must be generic and simple.

Keeping the article short and slim,  Long-tail keywords are best suited as per the audience and SEO need and you need to follow that strategy if the demand of the website is Lead-generation. Use them in your titles, page content and descriptions and sooner you will be getting leads and you will be on right track.

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