Tackle issues with latest google updates 2014 before they happen

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Whenever we try to put further our knowledge with wisdom, we always lag in case of SEO. This is not because we have lesser knowledge but this is due to the frequent updates by Google which changes and we have to start with a new mindset.

Consider a case, Your boss asking for results and Keyword ranking report at the end of month. The problem is that in the past, it was easy to get your keyword Rank because Link building was an easy task.

“Nowadays it has become more demanding and writing unique content is 80 percent slower than previous day before panda updates.”

Now your boss says that previous SEO was giving me results on demand and now you are disappointing me with the results. Your reaction at that point. “Speechless” Don’t know how to explain. Yes you can be at trouble or fear of losing Job if that happens and that makes your task even worse. Here is what you can do at that point.

url1) Interact with developers: If you are a Software development company  Interact with developers as much as you can. As much they would know about SEO they would help you in achieving perfect on-page optimization. Remember the tasks related to W3C validation and Compression (Lighter and faster web pages). If you explain the value of fast web pages and how dramatically they decrease your bounce rate, your website may be the next top website  in search results. Other things you can consider is ‘Developed by’ links. Since they still are an ethical way to gather high authority  links.

class c ip seo2) Put C Class IPs on priority: Developing websites on Class C IP is the best option for SEO, also remember, links on dedicated class C IPs are good for SEO. They are much in demand for today’s SEO . In case of linking, try Class C social bookmarking, they are worth it. Also not forget to link to top social bookmarking sites before you start Class C ip bookmarkings.

seo infographics3) Try infographics : Have you ever tried to build audience and links through info-graphics? I have tried and worked pretty well so far. I got more followers, traffic and lesser bounce rates with info-graphic on my blog or website. You must try it too. I have a list of infographic submission sites list where you can create and distribute your info-graphics too.

seo content writers

4) Try content writers: Try to get dedicated content writers so that you can post on your blog or your websites frequently without worrying of getting the content written first. I know it’s difficult but resources must be there to help you out. Tell your boss that you need them. He will understand if you are telling him/her confidently.

seo job done5) Get job done fast do not postpone: Think every morning before getting out of your bed what are you doing whole day. also think when getting to bed that what have you learn from mistakes. Too err is human. Keep your spirits high and innovate something useful SEO tactic everyday.

Remember that this is debate and if you agree or won’t agree with my views, you can comment and interact with me on comments below. Thanks and have a nice day buddies.

  1. Nisha says:

    Nice Post . I luv the infographics effort . Can you please elaborate Put C Class IPs on priority in your next post.

    • Jasonsmith says:

      C Class IPS are dedicated IPS for a website. Website is named according to a.b.c.d IP format as per DNS format. Google it and you would found Unique C Class IP list to work on . One other thing is Single link on a C Class IP is sufficient for same IP address.

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