what are the ideal ways to write on-page content?

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SEO On page Fight While ranking on Google we consider lot more factors that are impacting Google SEO nowadays. Most people like me are using different techniques different approach to optimize domains in search engines. I would like to suggest some of the on page factors that really are Ideal and inspired by many great blogs. So here is my free knowledge to you which is inspired by many hot blogs such as searchenginejournal, Moz and Dummies Blog.

Most people optimize for better and they know how to deal with search engine optimization. while some of people are still unsure how to optimize the URLs , Title tags and Descriptions so that they are provided for better search engine ranking.

Better on-page, and you might be in fare chance of getting on the top without much hard work and toil.

URL structure of the website

Google search engine notices URL of any web page to rank on search engine. Factors that are considered during on-page URL optimization are.

URL must be referring to your domain such as    seofirms.tv, seocompanyreviewers.com ranks very well for keyword like seo company, seo firms, seo firm . This is the factor that takes part in choosing the domain name the better the URL be :

1) Keyword analyzed

2) Short

3) Relevant to the content you are having in domain.

Now after this result we need to focus on another important URL factor which is Pretty URL structure. Imagine a url with following structure

Even if it’s a big domain, What does this URL structure means to search engines? Nothing. In my knowledge best URL structure should be like well known directory as :

So, this structure pays off with more information to Search engine, Relevancy of categories. Thus Considered to be a better URL structure than the previous one. Whether it’s any kind of platform WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Asp.net, .php core website and other CMS, there is always a way to get a pretty URL and it must be taken into consideration particularly for your landing pages.

Title Of the Website

Now considering title as second most important on-page factor, Your title must be informative, relevant to domain and well written.

Consider this title from the website

Web development Best Hire Us Call Now 98765654321 Avail!!

Now what does that mean to search engines? Probably somebody begging for Hire and call. Is that a better Title? No. Because you may never have seen this kind of title in Search results.

The best practice is to add your brand name, first keyword, second keyword which is relevant to domain. For example :

Domain Name | First keyword – Second Keyword


First keyword | Second Keyword – Domain Name

and if you have many pages of website keep it simple and solid with

Your long tail keyword – Domain name

Keep it simple, relevant to content and you will be one foot ahead of your competition.


Although Matt cutts has told so many times to SEOs that the Description tag doesn’t necessarily help in search engine rankings. I also follow that rule. But when your description is catchy, It helps you to get positive clicks and Leads.

This is due to the fact that catchy descriptions engage the Users and Bolded text helps the User to find out your website and thier requirements :).

Now question comes in mind that is it important to have meta description? well, Matt-cutts has answers

Well this is all for now.  I would like to get your questions for these basic things and make these basic important things more better than ever.

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