SEO was like a Scam when i started my career in SEO

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hello everyone, my name is Pankaj but you can call me Jason. Here is my approach to a better information provided to learners and workers. I would also like to tell you my articles about how I learned from my mistakes from SEO and how should the things be focused to get the positive results in this ever changing scenario.

Search engine optimization Is considered to be scam for a lot of reasons. People doing SEO are relatively less qualified and they focus on doing work related to SEO with Little or no knowledge. That would lead them to make mistakes often.

Let me take my story for example. I am a down to earth guy and I know that I had a little success in SEO when I was in the start of my career. Although I could generate some money, but that was not enough for a long term. I would admit that I focused on bizarre techniques that were no longer available due to recent Google updates.

The company I started working with gave me only some stipend to work for SEO and I was not able to make a living Out of it. I was dreamer and believer from the start of my journey. But not to well versed with all the techniques.

Though after a long work and hit and trial methods, in the end I actually know what the analytic are and how they are helpful to have you focused on Users relating their behavior, age group, gender, Geo location. But these are the things to be discussed later in my long list of posts related to SEO in depth.

Stay tuned for my created videos, debates and upcoming events.

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My favorite blogs i follow is which provides comprehensive information about techniques and helped me a lot in my career also. you must also follow these rare blogs which are far more basic than moz blogs or any other high rated search engine journal.


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